Medical Social Worker

We make the necessary support available where and when you need it. Many people have failed to consider that before our physical body gets better, it is our mind that we should treat first, our mindset to the things around us. Our mindset and outlook can be compromised by disease or a loved one who is ill. You can get support. You can confide in us. We have medical social workers who can help you get through this.

Through our medical social services, Amerivita Home Care, Inc. hopes to uplift you through:

  • Counseling
  • Hospital discharge planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Chemical dependency evaluation
  • Support group administration
  • Domestic issues investigation and reporting
  • Education to healthcare access and other resources
  • Coordinate various institutions that can help the family

How can we help you in your health crisis? Talk to our staff when you call 321-281-3038.